Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ed’s Party-Winter Blast

I had to show you how high we had to elevate the front of the rig when we were parked at The Steps. We had to use 13 levelers under each foot.




Here’s why they call this area The Steps.  It was “terraced” in preparation to make a resort years ago.


We went to Sara Park around 1pm as parking is a premium. There were 73 people in attendance for Ed’s Birthday Party.

Folks lounged around played card games and chatted.
People spread out blankets at the grandstands and secured them with duct tape to save a seat.

Ed’s Birthday Party has a story.  Last year Betty wanted to celebrate Duanne’s birthday during Winter Blast in Lake Havasu. She went to the bakery to get a cake but they were all out.  The counter lady said they did have one cake available. It said “Happy Birthday Ed”, but Ed had died and the family didn’t pick it up, and Betty could have it for half-price!!! She bought the cake and Ed’s Birthday Party was born! 

After eating hot dogs and side dish potluck Dean suggested we sing the theme song from Mr. Ed the tv show instead of the birthday song.  Terry used his Blackberry to find the words and wrote them out on paper which he held behind Duanne’s head as the group looked on and sang to him. It was soooooo funny.

CIMG3731 CIMG3730

Around 5pm we walked over to the grandstands to get ready for the fireworks display. Now remember the Winter Blast is the public display of the annual convention of the pyrotechnics association, where they shoot off the latest and newest fireworks.  At 5:30 they began shooting off the fireworks that had been assembled during the convention’s classes and workshops.  They kept shooting till 8 pm when the main event show took place.

For 25 solid minutes they shot off fireworks synchronized to different themes of music from hard rock to Enya.  Now I know why everybody has raved about this pyrotechnic display.  It was awesome…it was mind blowing and a sensory overload.  There wasn’t any pauses…..every couple of seconds they shot up fireworks. And not one at a time, but a whole sky full every second or so!!!  The sky was ablaze in color and the fireworks filled your entire eye range.CIMG3819They even shot off gas bombs that blasted up in the air with a terrific booming sound and then you felt a large blast of heat.CIMG3812 I couldn’t decide which of the 90 photos I took to show you, so here are the best of them in an album.  Please take a minute and click on the “view full album” to really see what we saw.

Now I know why people come year after year to see the Winter Blast.  It is definitely fantastic.

Remember, you are loved!

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  1. Wow, 13 levelers is really scarry! Great photos of the blast!


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