Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lake Havasu

We had planned on leaving Shea Road on Monday, but the truck didn’t want to start up several times so we had to take it in to be fixed.  Ended up being the fuel filter AGAIN.  But we got it replaced and headed out to The Steps on Wednesday.  What a beautiful boondocking site!!!  Here is a photo that Chuck Moore took during a hike…nothing I could take would be even close to this shot.

Moore's News Yes, that is the view we have here.  Can you believe it????

Lake Havasu (5)

We’ve had some fun happy hours every day at 4pm.  There are a lot  of rigs here. Chuck and Jan said we have more rigs than we have seen here before.  One happy hour we had 34 people attending!

Lake Havasu (2)


Terry, Victor and Jerry are having the time of their lives riding their bikes out in the hills every day.  Here they found some old palm trees and dragged them back behind their bikes!  Then used a circular saw to cut them up.


Lake Havasu (4)


Unfortunately, it started to rain, but when did THAT ever deter an Escapees happy hour?  Like, NEVER.  We just huddle closer together under Jerry and Sue’s awning and keep going.


Lake Havasu (6)


The sunsets are amazing here in Arizona, but I never seem to tire of them and always have to take a photograph.

Oh, here is an interesting shot.  Four of us ladies went into town to shop Thursday.  They have a small car show in town on Thursday nights so this car was parked early and I had to take a photo of it.  Look how small, tiny it is!  I had Kathy stand by it to give you a perspective of it’s size.

Lake Havasu

We are all here to witness the Winter Blast.  It is the annual convention of the Pyrotechnic Association where they show off all the latest fireworks to potential clients and buyers for use in their hometowns and municipalities.  Last night Terry and Jim went to see the Friday Vendor’s Night.  Jim said it was spectacular. Please click on the “view full album” below to see the larger photos.

Vicky and I stayed home and watched the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics and drank gin and tonics!!! 

Right now we are getting ready to go to the main event of Winter Blast – Saturday Night Public Display. They say it will blow your mind away.  The fireworks get so loud they warn you to disable your vehicle theft alarm system, because they will go off from the blasts.

I’ll report tomorrow……remember, you are loved.

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  1. thanks so much for going to see my nephew brians display! he is so proud. when i talked to him on face book today...he said jim called him to let him know he was in the crowd. your pictures are great of the fireworks. thanks for posting.
    love and miss you both
    the lindas


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