Thursday, February 18, 2010

Forgot we were retired….

Sometimes I forget we are retired and don’t have to try and do everything in one day!  It’s not like it’s a Saturday of our weekend off from work, for goodness sake.  But I was in the laundromat at 7:30 am then visited with Linda Mossman as she did her laundry.  After that Jim and I shopped at a K-Mart…don’t see too many of them on the road anymore…I retired from K-Mart back in 1998 and can still use my discount card. After K-Mart it was on to Safeway to grocery shop.  By the time we got back and I put everything away I was pooped!  Note to Self….you don’t have to do all your errands in one day!!!

Soon enough it was time to dress and go over to the Mossman’s for happy hours and go to dinner.  We sure have had fun with the Mossman’s in Parker and here in Laughlin….we laugh constantly (you know laughing makes you younger, don’t you? We’re getting down right youthful!!!)

Linda HAD always liked her beef cooked well-done, and you know what that does to a perfectly good piece of meat….it dries it out and makes it tough. She doesn’t eat a lot of beef because of that and had never had prime rib before; can you imagine?  So when we went to the Prime Rib Room at the Riverside Casino, we talked her into trying her prime rib medium-well.  She loved it….said it was tender and had so much flavor…we were all very proud of her for going out of her comfort zone and giving it a try. Good for you, Girlfriend!

Here is Linda enjoying her first taste of prime rib
Linda and Jim at dinner


We really like the Prime Rib Room and always go there when we are in Laughlin. For $13.95 you have the salad bar, potatoes, veggies, plus dessert bar. They bring out these huge stainless steel carts filled with several prime rib roasts at different degrees of doneness.  They carve the roast right there by your table…..very nice.

CIMG3845 CIMG3848

We had an early dinner and the boys went back to try out their luck at the casino…..Linda and I just went home to relax. We say good-bye to the Mossman’s today until we see them again in Yuma next week.

Remember, you are loved!

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  1. What are those little red markers in your sunset picture. I love the picture. Boy that prime rib sure looks good!


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