Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mesa Regal RV Resort

Wednesday we arrived at our destination for the next two months.  After Jim got everything attached outside in the 89* heat, we were both pretty hot so on went the a/c.  This is a pretty large RV park…oops, resort.  We got here pretty early in the season so there aren’t that many people here yet. 

Since we have a pet we are in the “Pet Area” on the extreme west end of the park.  I was told they “prefer” we take our dog to the dog park “to do his business”.  But that is a quarter mile away and Jim drives it so Poncho doesn’t start to do his business as we walk to the park.  We cheat for the last trip at night…preference or not.  Plus when we take him in the truck Poncho doesn’t get any exercise.  So Jim drives US down to the park and leaves us there and after Poncho is through he and I walk back to the rig.


So yesterday we thought we’d check out the resort’s Happy Hour by the pool.  Wow….it is pretty grand.  Lovely furniture, a huge lap pool, two small “hanging out” pools and a separate hot tub that could hold 20 people easily.  The bar drinks are $2 each so it isn’t too expensive to go a couple times a week.

DSCN4384 DSCN4385

After we sat down another couple squeezed by to another table, so I took the opportunity to introduce myself.  Well, low and behold Don and Martha were from Colorado Springs!  There are here on a ten day vacation, renting one of the park models.  So we had a lot to talk about.  What an enjoyable evening.

We are lucky that the evenings here are nice and cool with temperatures in the 60s, perfect sleeping weather.  The mornings are also cool so we don’t have to put the a/c on till around noon or one till about 6 p.m. and then we open the windows and door and it is very pleasant.

There is a whole lot of activities at the Mesa Regal RV Resort, but most haven’t started up yet.  I see they do have a knitting and crocheting group that meets once a week, so I’ll check that out next Tuesday.

There’s a Fry’s Food store behind the park which is great but the closest Target is ten miles away, so that is a bummer, cause you all know how I feel about Walmart….not. 

So we are driving around to familiarize ourselves with the area….maybe even look at a condo to buy….time to limit our traveling.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Mesa Regal is the first park we stayed in while visiting Mesa. That was about 8 years ago. Now we spend our winters in Valle del Oro, another Cal-Am park. You might want to check it out, too, unless you get that condo. Good luck.


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