Sunday, September 28, 2014

Visit with Friends

After visiting with daughters on Tuesday and Wednesday, we took Thursday to just “chill”.  We made a pork chop dinner for The Abeytas and watched TV together.

Friday was Roberta’s day off so we had a grand time together.  First we went to the Santuario de Chimayo, where we had first visited last Spring.  I had given my container of Holy Dirt to my sister to take back to Costa Rica with her, so I wanted to get some more of the healing properties of this Holy Dirt. The place is so serene and peaceful.



This is the only part of the property we saw last Spring.  This time we found a whole other area back by the back parking area. 

This shrine of rosaries that were purchased and left here after prayers
This beautiful door was at the end of the path to the parking lot
This was the inside of a Prayer Portal with photos of people requesting prayers
Beautiful stained-glass on both sides of the Prayer Portal
Not sure, but this looked like an outside alter for outside Mass services
These stone crosses were erected by a small stream

Before returning to the truck, I saw this picturesque scene a little further down the stream.  The cows were taking a little break from the heat of the day.


From the Santuario we went to lunch just down the street at Rancho de Chimayo. 

Workmen were hanging up ristras of chiles all around the roof line.

This is a lovely restaurant with tiers of outside patios that provide a beautiful back drop for a meal.

DSCN4343 DSCN4350
Look at this try of beautiful food
DSCN4346Here’s Jim and Teddy’s Huevos Ranchero
Here’s my nachos with beans and jalapenos
Yummy taquitos with beans and guacamole


After lunch we drove north of Espanola to the Fruit Basket to buy some apples.  New Mexico have the best tasting apples, IMHO.  I wanted some to take with us for the winter.  They had their hand-tied ristras and pumpkins out front.

DSCN4356 DSCN4355


Along with the bushel of apples Roberta and I shared, I bought some home-grown tomatoes and peaches.  It was a nice time with friends.  Later that night we went to Ohkay Casino for their seafood buffet and endless crab legs, fresh oysters and shrimp.  Yummoooo…..wonderful!

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Nice post, sure do miss that New Mexico food.

  2. Loved your blog and got some ideas for our visit to Santa Fe in October. Thanks. Enjoying Wendell & Ruth Brown this week.

  3. Looked so beautiful, and yummy!! I have been getting well not home sick cause not my home, but so love that Southern Colorado Area,,,,,how or who is managing the campgrounds that you two use to work at,,,,us and another couple may be thinking about spending some time in that area, if not this summer maybe next? (Either 2015 or 2016). Carolyn T.

  4. Beautiful pics! Sure makes me want to go even more. Since we'll be going full time soon, this area is definitely on our agenda!


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