Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Finished Inventory

I went in to the library yesterday morning and finished up the inventory, scanning the music CD section.  That completes everything.  Yippee!

I then tried to update the maps on our TomTom GPS but got an error code that “the device does not have enough memory to update your maps”.  So I typed in a question to support and followed the instructions and tried again.  THEN I got the error code that I don’t have ANY maps on my device”.  UGH!!!  So today I’ll go back to the library and follow new instructions for “no maps on device”.  I want to do this at the library so I could use their wifi and not use up my data. 

Then it was off to the laundromat to do two weeks of laundry…ugh!

Since it is hunting season here I stopped by Walmart to buy some neon orange tee shirts to wear during our parking duties at the Escapade next March.  Found a couple two-pack tee shirts that will fit the bill….and they were on clearance to boot.

Later Heinz came over to give his “thumbs up” to the pin-stripping idea and we made arrangements to go out to one last dinner together before we leave.

That was my day….how did you do?

Remember, you are loved.


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  1. I've had error codes on my Garmin, too, but eventually updated after I only downloaded USA data. Frustrating but it seems all brands have issues. Enjoy!


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