Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Park Creek Campground and Food

Monday we moved from Big Meadows to Park Creek.  Tim and Paulo are on vacation so we decided to bug them a while as they like Park Creek the best because it still has trees, unlike Big Meadows.

They have a great set up with tent so big we dubbed it The Hotel, a cook tent area and a cover for the table.

Tim made sausage and jalapenos for snacking while he cooked a nice pork chop dinner with calavacita (squash) casserole with corn and cheese….so yummy.

DSCN3822     DSCN3823

Look what we found when we returned to our rig…..the chipmunks had found our stash of peanuts that Jim uses to lure them to get up on his knee.  They ate every last one in the container.

DSCN3824     DSCN3826

Last night we had “The Boys” over for dinner and Jim made his stuffed, bacon wrapped pork loin… was so magnificent. And for me more squash casserole.

DSCN3832       DSCN3835


We always have a good time with “The Boys” as Jim and I call them.


Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you photos of the Prime Rib Jim is going to make for dinner tonight, just so he can show Tim how he does it on the grill.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Good friends, good food, and beautiful location! What more could you want :) Summer has finally arrived here in WY. We are well and content, and happy to stay connected with you both. Enjoy beautiful Colorado for us!

  2. Mmmm...Looks yummy! Park Creek looks inviting with all the trees...I like!

  3. I want your recipe for the casserole!! Carolyn Trout!

    1. Carolyn, it is just corn, yellow squash and zucchini sauted till tender and then put cheese on top. We like to use the Mexican zucchini squash....small round squash when it is available.

  4. I always enjoy Jim's food pic it always makes me hungry, would Jim mind sharing how he makes his stuffed loin and what he stuffs it with?



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