Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cataract Surgery

All went well although I had problems with my blood pressure being way too high, but they took it down with drugs.  We went to the library to wait till my follow up appointment at 2:30.  I pretty much slept in one of their comfy chairs.

Follow-up went well but I did have a little swelling.  They wanted to give me prescription drops but I have mail order drug service and I couldn’t get them fast enough.  Local pharmacy was $180 a bottle, with generic at $90….still too high, so thankfully they found some sample bottles to give me.  My vision was there but it looked like I was looking through waxed paper.

At night I have to elevate my head above my heart and wear a metal patch over my eye to keep me from touching or scratching my eye….not a pretty sight, believe me!

This morning my vision is better…a little foggy still.  But the doctor said by this afternoon or tomorrow I should be seeing pretty good out of that eye….we’ll see…ha-ha…of course we hope we’ll see!

I go back in two weeks and at that time they will schedule the surgery on the other eye.  Need to make it in August as Jim will be going on the Chapman Annual 4-Wheel Trip to Ouray the end of July.

So that is my update for today.  It’s pretty funny having only one lens in my glasses, but it will keep people confused and guessing why….I’ll just smile.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Those few weeks between surgeries are a little annoying, but once you have had both eyes done, you will love it. I had my cataract surgery last year and it was the best thing I ever did. I do have to wear reading glasses, but after 50 years of thick lenses or contacts, a pair of half glasses is a piece of cake!

    That's a gorgeous shot of the Big Meadows Campground. We hope to get to Colorado in the next few years.

  2. I love my results! The next day I had 20-20 vision out of my right eye. The second eye took longer but I am so grateful I can see so clearly- even at night! And I can see the clock on the bed at night too. I do wear readers for reading now and didn't have to before but I'd much rather have the distance vision. Yours should come around too.

  3. Hello Bobby and Jim!!! So very happy to read about the successful surgery. Tell everyone hello and have a wonderful 4th as we remember how blessed we are to live in this great nation!!!

  4. Jim is thrilled with the outcome of his surgery last year. He does wear readers but no longer needs the thick lenses he's worn since 5th grade.
    I'm so happy you are having it doen you'll enjoy your travels even more.

  5. Wear mismatched shoes with the one lens glasses and really make people wonder. Have fun with it and so glad you have one done.


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