Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Left Eye Check-Up

We moved from Park Creek to Highway Springs Campground, still here in South Fork, Colorado.  We know the camphosts here (we hired them back when we were area managers up here) and enjoy their company.  There are trees here although not as dense as at Park Creek. 

We’ll stay here until Sunday when we’ll move back to Alamosa in preparation for Jim’s four-wheel trip to Ouray.  Also we are anxiously anticipating the arrival of our buddies Sandy and Charles who will go with Jim on his trip.

I received two good new points when I went for my two-week check-up after cataract surgery on my left eye.  Point one is that my left eye is now 20/25….that’s really good news!  Point two is that they didn’t have to use a toric lens in that eye after all.  During final measurement calculations Dr. Klair determined that the astigmatism in that eye wasn’t great enough to have to be corrected, so she used a standard replacement lens.  Yippee!!!

So why is that such a “yippee”?  Because Medicare and insurance will pay for that procedure and the $450 I paid to each of the doctor and the hospital wasn’t used and can now be applied to my upcoming cataract surgery on my RIGHT eye.  We just saved $900,  That definitely is a “yippee”!!!

My next eye surgery is set for August 5th, with a two-week check-up after that.  This time we will be in Alamosa so I can “recover” that first day in our RV and not be sprawled out in a chair in the library.  We plan on returning to South Fork later that week to continue enjoying our summer in the mountains.

I’m really excited about being able to go without glasses except for close-up work, when I’ll wear “cheaters” from Dollar Tree. It may be a little “dicey” putting on makeup and cooking without near vision correction, but we’ll see how it goes.

Wish me luck…..remember, you are loved!


  1. Great news, Bobbie! For makeup, get a magnifying mirror that sticks to your bathroom mirror. Then you won't need glasses to put on your makeup. Works like a charm. I think I have a 10x magnifier. Ulta and other beauty supply places have them, probably Walmart too.

    1. Gee thanks for that info. I'll get one of those for sure.

  2. Congrats to you!! Carolyn Trout

  3. I was going to say the same thing about the mirror - I think I got mine at Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond. They can be hard to find, but whenever I see "half glasses" or what I would call "granny glasses", I grab them up. I wear them most of the time so I can easily read whatever I need to (big surprise was that I couldn't easily read the gauges on the dashboard), cook without chopping off my fingers, etc. The same thing happened to me with the toric lenses - yay for those kinds of surprises (and refunds). Good luck with the second. You will be so happy with the outcome, I'm sure!


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