Saturday, July 5, 2014

Creede ‘92 Miner Days ~ 4th of July

We drove up to Creede yesterday to watch the events in the Miner Days. This is the Colorado State Championship Mining Competition that’s been taking place since 1892!  Competitors come from all over the state to participate.

DSCN3778     DSCN3749

They start out at 8 a.m. with the hand mucking competition.  Here men are filling an ore bucket with 3/4 tons of fine ore dirt as fast as they can….that’s 1,500 pounds of dirt, Folks!  The winner did it in one point one minutes.  I counted 74 shovel fulls in that time period.  Ore dirt was really flying fast.

DSCN3746 DSCN3751

After the parade they proceeded on to the drilling competition, which was very loud and fun to watch. The men had to drill two-three foot holes in a specified numbered square…very difficult.

DSCN3779 DSCN3781

The parade was fun….for a very small town they did a rip roaring job of it.  Clever floats promoting rafting the Colorado, one was an outhouse and lots thanking the firefighters because of the large fire we had up here last year.


They had a few really nice looking cars there also.

DSCN3760 DSCN3765 DSCN3770

There was a midway also with vendors selling everything from magnetic jewelry to snow cones.

Hats being formed by a pro

Very clever stand front selling old-fashioned soft drinks like sarsaparilla, cream sodas, orange crème and root beer
Crazy shaped potato chips
Never saw a multiple flavored Sno Cone dispensing stand before

 There were thousands of people attending this two-day event, but everybody was orderly and polite and it was a fun time.

When we returned it was time to start cooking.  Teddy Abeyta and Jim were both smoking/grilling barbecue ribs.  We had such a feed!!!  Ten people and four slabs of ribs, plus shrimp, cheese, brats for snacks before (can’t spell hors d’ vours).

DSCN3789 DSCN3793

There was plenty of food, for sure.  With potato salad, corn on the cob, squash with cheese and three desserts, no one went hungry.

This is a Sopapilla Cheesecake I found on Facebook
Teddy made a peach cobbler in the Dutch oven
My plate filled with all the goodies

We all had a great time together and ate way, way too much….but that’s what holidays are for, right?



We will stay at Big Meadows with The Berganns till Monday, when we will need to dump and get water and move somewhere else….who knows where.

My eye is recovering well from the cataract surgery.  I can actually see better from that eye than I can from the other one that is still using glasses.  That is remarkable.  Can’t wait till I have the other eye done in August.  Then I’ll be glasses-free….amazing!!!

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Love yor blogs,,,,,sitting here thinking Roy and I are sort of trying to get out and do more traveling,,,,we may have to get up there it is so beautiful and does not look like people on top of people! That is going to be in our plans for the future! Carolyn Trout

    1. You've been here so know how wonderful it is. Plenty of space between sites.

  2. Looks like a fun way to spend the day and great food to end it on. We've been over US-160 three times to and from Durango but never stopped in the South Fork area - looks like we need to next time.

    1. Creede has festivals all the time...great fun. And Kip's Grill is a fun place to have a drink or dine. Usually has live music every day in the summer. Come play!

  3. Greta Post! The Creede Days celebration looks like a blast!

  4. Hi there Bobbie and Jim, beautiful pictures, We will be back up there next week. will yall still be in the area? would love to catch up with yall.
    The Cracker Barrell Chicken Lady
    Boyd TX


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