Monday, April 8, 2013

Visit to Espanola

After Albuquerque we continue to drive up to Espanola to our friends, Teddy and Birdie, where we left our rig and Poncho.

When I called to check on Poncho they told me Poncho was having so much fun he wouldn’t want to come home with us. That was a relief to us as Poncho hasn’t socialize much with other dogs, and Teddy and Birdie have three dogs. Seems Poncho followed Teddy around like a shadow and enjoyed sparring with the other dogs. Their son brought his dog, so when we got there we had a lot of dogs playing around.


In the beginning Poncho didn’t want to have anything to do with us, preferring to sit with Birdie instead.


But eventually Poncho remembered who we were and began to sit with us, although when we were walking him and told him to “go home” he headed for Teddy and Birdie’s house instead of our rig.

The first night we went out to eat at La Cocina.  This is a place Jim and I have passed by for years and years on our way from Alamosa to Santa Fe but never stopped because we were in our rig. It was very tasty and we really enjoyed it.

CIMG2541 CIMG2543
CIMG2545 CIMG2548

I really like this photo I took of one of the tables in front of the window. Kind of neat view.


Saturday Teddy barbecued some ribs for all those who ate meat…..LOL…..while I had a Morningstar Hickory Riblet…yummy.










Birdie made some magnificent flour tortillas using 12 cups of flour.  It made about 9 dozen tortillas.  She uses her mother’s griddle which was over 50 years old.

CIMG2556 CIMG2558
CIMG2551 CIMG2566

Sunday was a quiet, lay back day enjoyed watching a Rockies’ baseball game on TV. Teddy and Birdie were so wonderfully hospitable to us.  They are always generous with food and drink and now with allowing us to leave our rig and taking care of Poncho….you don’t find friends like this often in life and we are very grateful.

We left early Monday morning ahead of a predicted strong windstorm.  We arrived in Alamosa about 11 a.m. and got set up quickly before the worse of the storm hit.  Now we are enjoying watching another Rockies’ game and preparing for a spring snow storm tonight. Dang….I left Alamosa seven years ago to get away from the cold and snow and come back in the spring and find it here all over again.  That’s just not right!!!

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Nice to know when you leave your pup that they are happy and well taken care of. Sounds like Poncho had a blast. The pictures of food made me hungry. Rich and I used to stop in a place called Vera's every year up in Chama, NM. I felt bad when I saw it in 2010 vacant. Vera passed away and her kids didn't want the restaurant so it was left vacant.

  2. Sounds like Poncho just had too much fun.


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