Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another Dinner with Friends

Several years ago we started having dinner at San Luis Valley Pizza Company with Heinz and Angela.  So last Wednesday we met them there once again.

I forgot to take photos of the pizza (too excited to start eating) but their pizzas are amazing.  We really like the crispy thin crust and the many types of pizza to choose from.  But I did remember to take a photo of the dessert Angela and I shared.....decadent chocolate cake....need I say more?

 After dinner we continued our conversation at our rig.  Poncho had to get into the picture this time.  I really have to get Heinz and Angela to sit somewhere different cause if you go to April blog post of the last several years you will see identical photos of them visiting our rig...just different clothes LOL.
Heinz and Angela like to talk about RVing and hear about our adventures on the road, so it is always fun to have them around.

Remember, you are loved.
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