Thursday, July 21, 2011


While shopping at Safeway the other day I checked out the many brands of Greek yogurt they carry.  I really like yogurt and the benefits it provides; and I especially like the Greek style yogurt for the thicker consistency and richness.  I was surprised to find out that Greek yogurt is nothing more than regular yogurt that is strained to take out some of the liquid….I thought it was a different process or something.

So I bought one of each brand and decided to do my own taste-test.  Here’s the line up: Fage, Chobani, Open Nature, Yoplait, and Dannon…all Greek style yogurt. I prefer honey flavor, but Chobani was with peaches on the bottom.


These are lined up in order of my preference, left to right.  My number one priority is does it have live culture.  Surprisingly, Yoplait and Dannon had NONE!!! The other three did.  Then my second criteria was how it tasted. Fage and Chobani were nearly tied in great taste, with Open Nature a decent second.  Yoplait and Dannon contained corn starch as a thickener and tasted like it too!  I didn’t like the taste of the Yoplait or Dannon at all…and remember, they didn’t even have a live culture so what’s the use in eating it?


The Fage Honey actually was plain, live culture yogurt with a separate little part of the container that held some very good honey. The opening for the honey actually conforms to the tip of your spoon so you could get a spoonful of yogurt and dig out a bit of the honey on the tip….very clever.


The Cobani didn’t come in honey flavor at Safeway, but it did have a good bit of chopped peaches on the bottom of the container.  And they were real peaches, not that sickie, syrupy stuff you get in some regular yogurts that feature “fruit on the bottom”.  I really enjoyed the taste and texture of the peaches with the Greek yogurt Cobani put out.

CIMG7869The Open Nature I’d get if there wasn’t any Fage or Cobani available.  It wasn’t bad, just not quite as good as the other two.



As far as the Greek yogurt put out by Yoplait and Dannon….IMHO, pass them up as they aren’t even yogurt IMHO!!! The ingredients list dried milk and milk with corn starch and no live culture.

CIMG7856                  CIMG7857

So there is my personal Greek yogurt taste test.  What is your favorite brand of Greek yogurt???????

Remember, you are loved.

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