Friday, July 15, 2011

Abeyta Family and Friends

Birdie-Teddy Abeyta

We first met Roberta and Teddy Abeyta at Big Meadows Campground back in 2008, when they had some trouble with a noisy neighbor and Jim had to go play “policeman”.  Teddy is retired and is a Dutch Oven cook-extradinaire!!! 


Teddy sets up a cook tent with several dutch oven stands, a deep fryer and a “disk” made from plowing equipment set atop the burner of a turkey deep fryer. It’s quite the set-up. (Teddy, don’t forget you promised to bring a disk for me when you return on Labor Day weekend!)


This is the dining room tent they set-up right by the creek…see the water in the background? Boy, this is the best of camping!


The Abeyta’s camp with 4 or 5 other couples with 2 couples staying 2 miles down the road because they wanted full hook-ups, and 2 other couples rented cabins down the other way. So come dinner time we had cars all over as visitors came to eat.  The Two Lindas were here at the same time, so we had a good crowd for dinner most nights.

Teddy smoking ribs
Sausage on the “disk” with horse-shoe handles
Corn roasting on an open wood fire…yum!
Half a gallon of homemade salsa
Pork cooking on “disk”
Notice the horseshoe handles?
We all ate together
Socializing after dinner.

Richard and Patti had us over to their campground for an enchilada and trout dinner.  Richard has this fancy “Margarator’ that makes a mean margarita…even crushes the ice up first then mixes in everything else for a fine frozen drink.

Richard our Mixologist!
Richard’s cook tent
Richard, Pat and Mike
Shirley, Birdie and Teddy
Marco and “Ma’am”

They all spent about a week with us and Jim and I didn’t have to cook for a week!  They are all very kind to us and include us in all their meals.

We look forward to some of them returning for a week for the Labor Day weekend.  Wonder what we will be eating then???

Remember, you are all loved!!!


  1. I want one! (disk) What a neat contrapsion. Cool! What a cool family, can't wait to meet them.

  2. Bobbie the guys I work with from Mexico call that cooking disc a "Mexican Wok"

    Miss you guys, Andy and Kathy Jo


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