Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Busy 4th of July

Every one of our six campgrounds were full for the 3rd and 4th of July. That is a first for us…there always seems to be one or two campsites empty in every campground. 

Then to top that off, the camphost who took care of three campgrounds had to leave because of a family emergency back in Texas…so they left July 4th.  Now we are in the midst of trying to find another camphost from another district or we will have to move from Park Creek Campground to Beaver Creek Campground. We just don’t think it is prudent to leave three campgrounds without a host, although we have more campers here in Park Creek than all the other three campgrounds!

So we have six campgrounds and there are four of us to run them all plus six additional public restrooms on the highway and two reservoirs.  We are all tired, to say the least.

We have enjoyed the Two Lindas’ delightful company and shared some mighty fine meals together…many of them with the Abeyta family.

CIMG7704 CIMG7746
CIMG7745 CIMG7739
CIMG7747 CIMG7740

Notice how close the dining tent is to the creek!  Eight of the 13 campsites are right on the creek. Very pretty and serene.

We got the Two Lindas off towards Wyoming where they have their next job in Thayne for three weeks. They will be coming back to Colorado to do five RV parks in Pagosa Springs, Bayfield and Durango.  We are looking forward to seeing them again in a month.

Well, I have paperwork for five campgrounds to get caught up to date so I will sign off for now and hopefully get another blog post up tomorrow.

Remember, you are loved!


  1. Thank's for the blog we love hearing about the job's and seeing the pictures.

  2. Hang in there you two!! Hope you find new hosts soon!!


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