Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chapman Annual Four-Wheel Trip

Since Jim was about 12-13 his family would take a 4-wheel Jeep trip to the Telluride-Ouray area. They’d drive to Lake City and then go off road “over the mountains and through the woods” on the back roads.

For at least the last 30 years the Chapman boys have annually taken one weekend in the summer to continue this tradition. Friends and other family members have joined in at various times. One year our Escapees friend, Jay Carter, went with Jim and he had a great time. Jim kiddingly said it took him over a year to get the grab bar in the Jeep back in shape, cause Jay held it so tightly and kept screaming “ah, sh*t” as they maneuvered all the switch-backs. Jay said it was a trip of a lifetime that he enjoyed very much.

This year our traveling companions and dear friends, Jim and Linda Mossman, accompanied Jim on the trip with his brothers and other of their friends on this annual trek. Both Linda and Jim enjoyed themselves and they definitely want to do it again.


The scenery is amazing and something you can’t see any other way.

CIMG7873_thumb[1] CIMG7874_thumb[1]
CIMG7875_thumb[1] CIMG7876_thumb[1]
CIMG7881_thumb[1] CIMG7877_thumb[1]

There are frequent stops to see the sights.

CIMG7878_thumb[1]                   CIMG7871_thumb[1]

Then, of course, there’s always lunch


I really like the photo Jim took of Linda enjoying the scenery.

CIMG7880_thumb[1] CIMG7879_thumb[1]

They even got to see a dear feeding

CIMG7883_thumb[1] CIMG7885_thumb[1]

I “use to” to go on these trips with Jim, but to be honest the whole thing scares me to death, and I can’t say I enjoy it. I really like the socializing, great dinners out, hot tubs, shopping…..but the 4-wheeling just never appealed to me. So for the last five summers that we have been camphosting, I stay home and take care of the campgrounds while Jim enjoys his time with his brothers and friends.

Salai knittingMy dear friend, Salai, comes up every year and helps me out with the cleaning and stuff. This is our weekend to catch up, knit, read and enjoy each others company.  Here she is knitting outside our rig.  Salai’s birthday is a day before mine, so I took her out to a birthday dinner at the Shaft. We enjoyed a delicious dinner of fried shrimp. So it is a “win-win” for both Jim and I.  He enjoys his four-wheeling and Salai and I enjoy our weekend together.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. I can't say that I blame you for "staying close to camp." We tried to drive to Cinnamon Pass with our vehicle and I couldn't handle it so we abandoned that trip and later drove our ATV. The scenery is breath-taking! I met a 90 year old who loved to drive all of those mountain roads in his jeep. You are in gorgeous country and I would love to visit the area again.

  2. The scenery on Jim's trip looks beautiful!!! Wish I could go along!

  3. My wife and I did that trip a few years ago. The scenery is indeed awe inspiring!


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