Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chapter 2 Fall Rally Finished

We had a great turn out for the Fall Rally of the Escapees RV Club Colorado Chapter 2!!! We had 21 rigs and only about five rigs were also at the June rally, so there were a lot of new people. We had several guest SKPs who were traveling nearby and also came. We had 11 new members to the chapter, so that brings us to about 27 members of the chapter. That is really good for a rejuvenated chapter.

Chuck and Judy Derington did a wonderful job as rally hosts! They simplified the cooking chores by bringing a lot of foods from Costco that only had to be heated. The Curley ribs were very tender and tasty as were the chicken wings and the cinnamon rolls for Friday morning. The precooked food sure worked well.

We made a fun trip to Creede. Jim had arrangements to tour the underground fire station that was blasted out of the side of a mountain. Everyone seemed to be pleased in that tour and the underground mining museum next door. We checked out the shops along main street and then had lunch. The men gathered at OMI (Old Miner's Inn) and the ladies made it a Red Hats on the Road event and ate at The Old Firehouse Cafe, which is the original Creede fire station.

One of the nights of the rally we had karaoke. It was fun and funny. Bill Latham and Bill Borger shined with their voices. A lot of us sang along from our seats. It made for a very entertaining evening.

On the last night of the rally we had a gas campfire pit set up outside and we all sat around as Marvin Eggleston played his guitar and led an old-fashioned sing-a-long. The night air was cool and crisp and we had song sheets so we were able to sing a lot of songs from our youth. They ranged from "She'll be Coming Around the Mountain" to "Five Foot Two". What a grand time we had trying to harmonize.....great fun!

We voted positively on having two rallies next year - May and September-October. We want to cover both ranges of Colorado and also north and south. If the last two rallies are any indication, we should continue to have good participation.

We are back to Alamosa now staying at "Chapman Campground" by Jim's brother's building outside of town by the airport. We have FHU and it is quiet as there are only two commerical flights a day here. We'll be here till September 30th when we will go back to South Fork Campground and help Rich and Terri close down the campground for the winter. Then it is off to Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta.

It is getting cold here, though Folks. This morning it was 38 and next week the nights and mornings are predicted to be 27 - 29 degrees. Burr-r-r-r-r-r way too cold.....time to leave Dodge/Alamosa for sure!!! Another 12 days and we will be gone....guess we can stand it that long. I'm pulling out my long underwear for sure.

Remember, you are loved!

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  1. Your event sounds like so much fun! Paticularly the sing along around the campfire. I would have loved that.


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