Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Winslow, Arizona

This is an item on my Bucket List….seeing “The Corner in Winslow, Arizona,” sang in the Eagles song.  I don’t know why, just one of those things.  I was sooo looking forward to it.

Driving north through Arizona was a altitude challenge…man, that is quite a climb!  Sun City is about 1,200 feet and we climbed up to 6,600 feet….down to 5,000…back up…like a roller coaster ride. Don’t like those 6% grades.


Once we got to Winslow I realized it was on Route 66, news to me.

DSCN5556 DSCN5557

So Jim and I HAD to take the pose at that infamous corner

DSCN5560     DSCN5562

(Click on the photo of Jim….and notice what Poncho was doing)….oops!

We were a little disappointed that there wasn’t much more to Winslow.  I did hit one of the souvenir stores for postcards, but outside of this pretty mural, we didn’t see much else driving around.


We were going to spend the night at the Elks Club, which was suppose to have RV sites with electric….not!  Plus I wasn’t getting good vibes about the place, so we moved on towards Petrified Forest National Park, about 30 miles up the road.  Plus Joe and Marcia J. text saying they were already there waiting for us.  Onward we went.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. So glad to see you back out on the open road. I love your pictures. You and Jim are looking great! Miss you two!

  2. Sad to say that the years have taken a toll on many of the little towns down through there....Holbrook included. The La Posada Inn is really neat to see (and eat at) in the area. We loved working the two campgrounds in Holbrook for several years as we got to explore a lot of the off the beaten path things to do there. Glad you got to cross this off your bucket list.


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