Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Last Arizona Entertaining

The last week we were in Sun City we did our last entertaining. 

It was nice that Jim’s brothers and their wives came into town and we had them and another couple from Alamosa, CO over for dinner.


We also had Diane and Jim over for an evening.  Jim made his bacon wrapped cornbread stuffed pork loin roast.  It looked wonderful…..but alas, I deleted all the photos by mistake….so I have nothing to share with you….I’m sorry Diane and Jim.  We really appreciate all the help this wonderful couple have given us from even before we moved to Sun City.  Here’s a photo I took of them when we were over at their house for dinner.


Our last entertainment was going to lunch with Lora and John to Rio Mirage last Wednesday.  They have been good friends to us while we’ve been in Sun City.  Glad they live nearby.  (Dang I’m short).


Left town on May 1st heading towards Colorado for the summer.

Remember, you are loved.

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