Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Preparing the condo to leave

There is definitely a lot of difference in closing up a condo in Arizona than other places. Since we will be gone till fall, I covered the furniture, dining room table and even the stove with sheets to minimize the dust and dirt.

Living room draped in sheets
Bedroom dresser covered
Stove and counters covered
Plant and lamps in the closet
Bottom sheet hugs the over turned chairs in the dining room
Even the bathroom sink covered with towels

You’ll notice the 5 gallon buckets in some of the photos.  This is the Arizona difference we’ve been advised to do because of the summer heat.  They are filled with water to provide some moisture on the inside to protect the wood.



We were also told to put heavy canned goods over the sink and tub drains to keep sewer bugs from coming up into the place.


We disconnected the garage door, shut off the hot water heater and then shut off the water from the outside.

It was hard to leave our new place, but it’s been in the 90s the last week and it’s time to head for the cool mountains of south-central Colorado.  We’ll be staying at altitudes of 7,800 to 9,500 feet all summer and it will remain in the 70s and 80s most of the summer with virtually no humidity, so we’ll do fine up there.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Safe travels. Hope to see some pictures of the newly revised Beaver reservoir by South Fork and many other places if you get a chance. Was sorrt of my home away from home for quite a few years.

    1. Marlene, if you to my blogs of last summer you'll find photos of the updated Big Meadows after being closed for 3 years. I'll put up photos of revised Beaver Reservoir when We visit next week.

  2. Looking forward to being at Big Meadow this summer.


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