Friday, December 12, 2014

Monica and Rick

were camphosts at Brainard Recreation Area outside of Nederland, Colorado, when we were regional managers for American Land and Leisure the summer of 2013.  They have been gate guarding during the winters off and on like we have.

Monica found me on Facebook Monday and we made arrangements to visit them at their gate Tuesday.  The big dog is Crash….for obvious reasons.

DSCN4907 DSCN4909

    They also have a parrot that travels with them.


Crash is looking at Poncho like “I didn’t know they made us so small”.


Monica and Rick have a TV set just inside their basement so they can watch TV during their shift….clever.


We had a great time catching up on their travels since we saw them and to hear that they will be returning to work at Brainard this summer. Need to get them together with Kenny and Angela Harper who will also be working at Brainard this summer.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Good times. Are you working in the parks next summer? Merry Christmas to you both.

    1. No we only like to work for American Land and Leisure and they no longer have the contract in southern Colorado.


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