Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lose a Gate–Get a Gate

After we pulled in the slides, hooked up and were ready to move out to our first gate Friday we got a phone call saying to wait….changes were happening.  After about a half hour we were told the gate was just going to close…dang!  So we had to unhook, reset up, etc. and wait some more.

Luckily, we were notified this afternoon we have another gate and leave tomorrow.  It is outside of Tilden, Texas, and the best part is that we are only about five miles from the Mossman’s gate….yippee.  We drove out there this afternoon to make sure we could find it.

We are going to work the same schedule as the Mossmans so we can visit at each other’s gate and go to Pleasanton together….two at a time.

Yesterday I pulled out my sewing machine and hemmed my work pants and contoured the company shirts to make them less boxy. 


As I said before this whole area is AT&T country so we may not have internet or phone service at the gate.  But I should be able to get something in Tilden, so I’ll just have to drive in to publish our blog posts.  We’ll see.

Remember, you are loved.

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