Monday, March 25, 2013

Shreveport, Louisiana

We made it to Shreveport and are staying at the Elks Club.  Note to other Elks Club members----this lodge is a real winner.  There are six RV spaces with cement tire strips to park on.  There’s electric on site.  The lodge itself is very large and quite pretty with an outdoor patio overlooking a river.  They even have an Olympic size swimming pool.  We give it five stars out of five.

Both Jim and I were hungry for a salad so drove to Bossier City to Ryan’s Buffet….we were disappointed.  Oh, we got our salad craving fixed, but the rest of their offerings were disappointing.

We were going to stay at the Elks Club in Dallas but saw on the map that Denton/Ponder was only 230 miles from Shreveport.  So we’ll push a little further and stay at a Passport America RV park in Sanger.  I want to go to Camping World in Denton to get another set of bed sheets.  Also we have some camping friends in the area and will see them tomorrow evening since we will not see them in South Fork (Colorado) this summer.

Had to put on the heater as it is cool tonight…in mid-40s.  Poncho is under the blanket already.

Well, goodnight to you…see you tomorrow.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Are you having Betty's RV Park withdrawals yet? Happy and safe travels to you.

  2. Are you going to be up this way. The two Linda's are going to arrive here on Wednesday and be here for 2 weeks. Sure hope you get through here. Would love to see you two again.

  3. Since you mentioned South Fork I am assuming that you and Jim got the contract.

    1. I emailed you with the info about NOT being in South Fork this summer. We didn't get the contract renewed with the forest service.


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