Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cypress Wood Man

Betty called us while we were in Beaumont, Texas, last Wednesday telling us she was planning a trip to see Gerald Judice in New Iberia on Friday.  She wanted to know if we wanted to come in a day early so we could go with the group.  Yes!!!!!!  So even though we had already paid for two nights at the Elks Club in Beaumont, we went ahead and stayed just one night and hightailed it over to Abbeville on Thursday.


We got to Betty’s RV Park around 1 p.m. just in time to set up and think about what to bring for happy hour….which takes place everyday at 4:30 p.m. No one eats dinner around here after sampling all the items at happy hour.  Every one brings such wonderful things to share.

Friday at 9 a.m. practically the whole park carpooled to New Iberia, about 20 miles east of Abbeville.

Gerald Judice New Iberia, LA (3)

Here is Gerald Judice explaining how he harvests floating cypress trunks.




Gerald Judice New Iberia, LA (5)
Piles of wood drying before being fashioned into bowls, roux spoons and works of art
Gerald Judice New Iberia, LA (2)
Walking among even more piles of wood drying in the Louisiana air

Gerald’s backyard has orange and grapefruit trees and he allows us to take home as much fruit as we want. He also has a beautiful Camille bush.

Gerald Judice New Iberia, LA (9)                                Gerald Judice New Iberia, LA (10)







During this visit Gerald demonstrated his plank saw that cuts the logs horizontally.

Gerald Judice New Iberia, LA (7) Gerald Judice New Iberia, LA (8)

Gerald Judice New Iberia, LA (4)


Look at the pretty “art” he got from one cut of a particular log.  Looks like a drawing inside.





Gerald took out some of the pieces he takes to art fairs to sell.

Gerald Judice New Iberia, LA (13)
Beautiful large platter for only $90
Gerald Judice New Iberia, LA (16)
Two unique bowls
Gerald Judice New Iberia, LA (15)
An art bowl created by nature in the wood and refined by Gerald Judice
Gerald Judice New Iberia, LA (14)
Nature creates some magnificent pieces

Then Gerald took us into his workshop and created a bowl while we watched.  Didn’t take long.

Wood Man Gerald Judice New Iberia, LA

I’ve been kicking myself for two years that I didn’t buy one of Gerald’s roux spoons as they are so nice and can be used to sauté veggies as well as making roux.  This time I bought one and being homemade and only $10

CIMG1637 CIMG1640

I also bought a rolling pin for $20.  I’ve been using a Pampered Chef mini roller to save space in my drawers, but I couldn’t resist having one that Gerald made himself.

Which one looks better?
It is so well balanced and a dream to use

If you’re interested in reading more about Gerald’s work you can read our blog from February, 2011, where I wrote about our first visit to his property.

We finished the trip with the gang going to lunch  at El Verde Chile.  Yes, I took photos of the food but Jim said I’m taking too many photos of the food we eat and to please cut down….so no photos of food this time.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Those bowls are wonderful! Such works of art.

    Karen and Steve
    RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. love love your blogs and post anytime anyday on anysubject,,,,,that was awsome I want a spoon too, will have to look him up with we travel east this coming winter.....you too are loved! Carolyn

  3. You tell her Jim...We want pics of bug guts on the windshield......
    Hope you guys emjoy your time in Weezeeanna.....


  4. Love your blog and any pics you post! Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading it soooo much!

  5. I thought Cypress had some kind of toxin in it that made it toxic... do you know anything about that? Or maybe the water purifies it after it's been soaking for a while?

  6. Great place to visit. Love all the art work & rolling pin has such pretty markings. We ended up on Hwy 77 about 30 miles south of Kingsville. You probably passed us, right before you went thru Border Patrol check point on your way to LA. have fun for us too at Betty's. y'all deserve it after working so much! Tom & Lynn. PS. We like all your pics!

  7. butterbean carpenterMarch 6, 2013 at 7:40 PM

    Howdy B&J,
    That guy does do some magnificent work; it would look even better if he'd used mesquite wood, tho!!! Isn't it a little uncomfortable sitting down, with a rolling pin in your drawers!!! HEE HEE HEEEEE!!!!!!
    Hope y'all don't get et by no gator down in the swamps!!!
    Remember y'all are too, also!!!

  8. Keep those food pictures coming! Have fun you two!


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