Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Recent Happenings

Friday I met Linda Mossman and Nancy Doyle in Pleasanton to do laundry and then lunch at Whataburger.  They had a real nice salad selection.  Afterwards it was Walgreens’s to get a passport photo taken….ours are due…then Walmart and then H.E.B. .... yes it was a busy day.

One of the companies out here has been barbecuing a lot and they have been very nice and always shared a plate with us.  We wanted to do something for them, so last night I prepped a dinner for them and finished it up tonight.  There’s only six of them so I made up a tamale casserole, homemade refried beans, Mexican rice and a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies.  Jim delivered it down to them and they seemed to enjoy it all.


Today we also had a nice meeting with one of our blog readers, Tom and Lynn….you may have seen their comments on some of our blog posts.  Tom and Lynn have been gate guards before and are back to do it again.  We had a nice conversation and enjoyed being together.

Tom Lynn Brashears

Yesterday being Fat Tuesday I got out my Mardi Gras hat and wore it all day.  Sure did get some fun comments.


Yes, that is a spot on the very tip of my nose.  Would you believe I got bit by a bug while I was sleeping???? Well, I did!!!! This is the third time I’ve been bit by the same type of bug.  So I’m walking around with this stupid spot on my nose till it heals.  UGH!!!!

Well, that’s been my last couple of days…’s been your day?????

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. There is a great spray out there by Ortho called Home Defense. Love the hat!

  2. We enjoyed meeting y'all too, you're our kind of people! Safe travels since you'll soon be leaving. Tom & Lynn

  3. Great looking tamale pie...and hat haha!!

  4. That tamale pie looks wonderful!


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