Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Whitsett to Pecos, Texas

We had originally thought we’d take two to three days to drive the 500+ miles from Whitsett to Roswell, NM.  But the day was clear and cool enough, so kept driving and soon found we were close enough to push on and make it to Pecos.  But it WAS a long day and we drove more miles than we ever have in one day…427 miles and it took eight hours.

The scenery through the hill country was beautiful.

CIMG9798    CIMG9799


The wild flowers were in bloom with the bluebonnets abundant.

Pecos, NM

We pulled into Pecos, TX and drove to Tra-Park RV Park which is an Escapee Rainbow Park.  There isn’t much to this park, but there’s hookups and for $15 is CIMG9810OK.  We were pleasantly surprised to find another co-worker from Campbellsville fulfillment center working there as the hosts.  Alett and Tom Kern were stowers with me and we all lived together at Indian Ridge RV Park and car pooled together for a time.  It sure was nice to see them again and catch up on our travels.

As we were driving into Pecos we noticed all the oil rigs scattered around in the distance. As we drove through town all the motels were full with trucks from oil related companies (Frac Tech, Coil Tubing Company, etc.). We asked the Kern’s about it and they said that Pecos has been in a bit of an oil boom the last 2-3 years and it is waning and winding down now.  The RV park had put in about 40 new sites to accommodate the need from oil workers traveling in their RVs.  You could see the electric wasn’t put in underground but on newish looking telephone poles planted every 25 feet or so.  There were water available at every site also.  Interesting increase in town’s business.


We come to Pecos just to go to Alfredo’s Mexican Restaurant.  We found this little gem of a place four years ago when we were traveling with Bill Borger and Lesle Thomas. You can read about that visit here.********** It’s not a fancy place, in fact, it is housed in a converted Pizza Hut building. 

But Alfredo’s has authentic food with generous portions at great prices.

Jim’s 2 enchiladas, taco and chili rellano with beans and rice for $8.50
My 2 enchiladas, taco with beans and rice for $7.50

We were unable to get any TV on the batwing, so we just played on the computer and I put up a blog post and then we hit the hay. It had been a long day and we were tired.  With the 40 degree lower temperature it was a cool night and great sleep weather with the window opened.

Remember, you are loved.



  1. Travel Safe!! We spent a week in Pecos one night:)

  2. Wow! A big difference from Port Aransas! I'll bet it will be even cooler still where you are going. When do you plan to be around South Fork?

  3. I really enjoy reading your blog! You two look great in your red shirts!


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