Monday, April 2, 2012

Port Aransas, Texas (Part One)

We were happy to find out that CIMG9707Campbellsville co-workers, Peggy and Mick Barnes, were working at Pioneer Beach RV Resort where we were going to “vacation” after two months of gate guarding. It was nice that there was a space right next to them available for us to park.

As we drove into Corpus Christie you could see all the oil refineries. Then it was across a bridge and into Port Aransas. Bridge was way too tall for me; I closed my eyes and hummed.

CIMG9689 CIMG9696
CIMG9698 CIMG9701

Pioneer Beach RV Resort is a very pretty and quiet park. Most folks stay here all winter and add flowers, put up patio fencing and generally spruce up their sites.  They reserve for the next year and get the same site each year.

Pioneer RV Pk (5) Pioneer RV Pk (4)
Pioneer RV Pk (25)
There are three cows in the pasture behind us
Pioneer RV Pk (2)
Line of rental houses behind us.
Pioneer RV Pk (1) You can see the sand dunes in the distance with the beach just beyond Pioneer RV Pk (3) Pretty pastel houses reminds me of Nassau

The Barnes were so hospitable and drove us all around playing tourist guides during their three days off.  Here we are crossing on the ferry into Rockport.  I was surprised in the short distance of the ferry ride and also that the ride was free!  Wonder who pays the wages and maintenance?

Ferry Ride (2)
This way, please

Ferry Ride (5)
Ferry Ride (3)
We’re afloat with another ferry going past
Ferry Ride (1)
Off we go with other cars waiting to board

We ate out quite a bit this week enjoying breakfast at the Bakery Cafe in Aransas Pass, San Juan’s Mexican Restaurant-Moby Dick’s-Cancun’s-Sunday Champagne Brunch at Port Royal all in Port A (as the locals call it). 

One place I particularly wanted to go to eat is the Boiling Pot in Rockport.  For years I’ve read in blogs about the Boiling Pot (Molly Pinner’s and Nick Russell’s) and since Jim and I really like seafood it was a “must” place to dine.  And we were not disappointed!

Boiling Pot (2) Boiling Pot (3)
Boiling Pot (4) 
Beer iced down just how I like it.
Boiling Pot (5)
Great menu. Jim and I split a pot for $18
Boiling Pot (6)
We all got bibs
Boiling Pot (8)
Boiling Pot (7) Boiling Pot (9)
The four of us shared two boiling pots.
Boiling Pot (10)
Here’s a pound of sausage, a pound of shrimp, two crabs, corn on the cob and steamed potatoes
Boiling Pot (11)
Happy eaters!
Boiling Pot (12)
This guy ate two platters of crawfish that’s about 10 pds.
Boiling Pot (13)
Everyone writes on the corrugated metal walls with provided crayons.

OK, that’s it for today.  I’m tired and I’ll finish up tomorrow.

Remember, you are definitely loved!!!

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  1. Love the picture of you guys ! You look so relaxed...happy for you.

  2. Charlotte Plummer's Seafare in Rockport is really good too. The shrimp gumbo was fantastic! Also Blackbeard's in Corpus is AWESOME! We had the gator tail, baja tacos and fried shrimp - all good.

  3. Enjoy your vacation from gate guarding. You earned it. See ya in Colorado!

  4. You and Jim look great and so relaxed. Have a safe trip to Colorado.

  5. The Boiling Pot is great. We are in Rockport workamping and agree that this area is wonderful.


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