Saturday, April 14, 2012

Santa Fe, New Mexico

After leaving Roswell, NM, we drove up to San Felipe and spent the night at Casino Hollywood.  Jim needed a some “coin” relaxation.  He made enough to pay for our RV stay and dinner for us both at their buffet….works for me!

Next morning we drove up to Santa Fe and arrived at Santa Fe Skies RV Park.  It was easy to find, was very quiet and we had a beautiful view of the Santa Fe skyline.  We were about 10 miles from our daughters neighborhood but the parks in town were waaaay too expensive.

Friday night both our daughters had to work so we took advantage of the free time to have dinner with our friends Tim and Paulo.

TimStruckPauloTavares (1)      TimStruckPauloTavares (2)  

Tim is the son of our friends, Teddy and Roberta Abeyta, who camp with us several times each summer.  This picture was taken last September when they came up to camp with us.


Tim put on a grand spread for us with grilled steak and chicken…I remember the bottle of Pendleton he bought for me…oh, my, it is some mighty fine whisky.  Thank you, guys, your hospitality was wonderful.

Saturday we went to our daughter Christine’s house.  It was so good to see our daughters and grands.  We were especially happy to be reacquainted with our great-granddaughter, Amity.  What a doll!!! 

Easter Week 2012 (1)

Jim beamed the first time Amity called him “great grand-dad”.  We tried to get her to call him something simpler like “pop” or something, but no she wouldn’t have any of that it was the full “great grand-dad”.


Easter Week 2012 (5)
Jim playing “dollies”
Easter Week 2012 (6)
“You hold her now”
Easter Week 2012 (13)
Granddaughter Alyssa helping Amity dye eggs

Four Generations (2)
Four generations Christine, Jim and Amity with her dad, grandson Max

Sunday was our day with daughter, Beth, and her sweetie Tom.  We went out to lunch at Soup n Salad and then spent the afternoon together enjoying a shopping trip to Trader Joes.

Monday we celebrated Easter at our rig.  It was a beautiful day so we ate outside under the awning. 

It was different but very special since we haven’t had a holiday together in the five years since we became fulltime RVers.  I baked a bone-in ham, scalloped potatoes and yeast rolls.  Christine made her amazing Glorified Bean Casserole (asparagus, green beans, mushrooms and bacon in mushroom soup sauce) and Beth baked a superb pineapple upside down cake.

We left Tuesday morning after a very nice visit with the family.  We’ll come back again in early September and early October for our fall visit.  See you then family.

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. I love family blogs/photos. Sure makes me homesick for my own. My favorite pic was of y'all at the picnic table... really nice!

  2. I like the RV park at Sante Fe skies. I have stayed there a couple of times. It is definitely out of town but there is a nice view.


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