Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Port Aransas, Texas (Part Two)

Being from the mountains of southern Colorado, Jim and I are always eager to see any body of water, but especially the ocean---or Gulf of Mexico in this case.  The beach is just a short walk/ride from our rig.  Although there was a sizeable amount of seaweed lining the waterline, the beach was very pretty with soft sand.  I had a hard time getting use to the idea of trucks and cars driving on the sand!!!

Pioneer RV Park

Pioneer RV Pk (6)
Walkway to beach
Pioneer RV Pk (7)
Jim and Chorizo
Pioneer RV Pk (10)
The Happy Couple
Pioneer RV Pk (13)
Seaweed and vehicles
Pioneer RV Pk (24)
Look towards the park
Pioneer RV Pk (12)
Nice ocean scene
Pioneer RV Pk (23)
Sand dunes
Pioneer RV Pk (22)
Walkway to the sand

As we walk along we even saw some jellyfish amongst the seaweed.

Pioneer RV Rst (1)

During one of our drives Peggy drove us to Portland, TX where we saw the USS Lexington

USS Lexington (2) USS Lexington (1)

We drove around the aquarium but at $28 each it was too rich for our blood.  But the view of the bridge made for a pretty picture.

Portland,TX (8)

Then Peggy and I got in to a discussion of how we dislike going over high bridges…really dislike them. We tried to talk ourselves into “going for it”. We even said “come on let’s put our Big Girl panties on and do it”.  But we chickened out…

So as we tried to find a way around going over it (although it would be closer to cross it and go through Corpus Christie to get back to the park).  As we cut across here and there trying to find our way back the way we came, we found a little pier with some pelicans

Portland,TX (3)                   Portland,TX (4)

Portland,TX (1)

Portland,TX (5)                          Portland,TX (6)

We finally got back to the park and went out for dinner.  Talking about that, because of our gate guarding for two months, Jim and I haven’t been out for dinner that entire time, so on this vacation we made up for it, that’s for sure.

We said good-bye to The Barnes and Pioneer Beach RV Park on Monday morning and headed back to Whitsett.  I picked up our mail and our last paycheck then went to visit The Mossman’s.  Poor dears, The Mossman’s sure have had their share of woes.  A fierce thunderstorm that week brought a flash of lightning close to their rig and fried some of their electronics and appliances.  Read their blog for the details “Storm”, then “Update on Storm Damage”.  When we saw them Sunday they were living out of three ice chests and eating out a lot.  Luckily they are only 10 miles from town.

Next we visited Rita and Jerry Scarbrough at their new location.  Since they follow the same drilling crew they move every 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately one of their air conditioners bit the dust so they are limping along for another month when they will get it fixed before coming up to Colorado…where they will not be needing it up in the southern mountains.  We had a good visit as we always do.

Tuesday we head out towards Colorado. Stay tuned….

Remember, you are loved.


  1. You may want to avoid the Aizhai suspension bridge in China (photos here)

  2. Bobbie..thank you for all the kind words. Mick and I loved having you here. We already miss ya. Stay safe, keep it under 90 and between the bar ditches and our paths will cross again...Good Lord willin'

  3. Bobbie. Thank you for the kind words. Mick and I really enjoyed seeing you and dining with you. Miss ya already. Be safe, keep it under 90 and between the bar ditchs and Lord willin are paths will cross again..

  4. Great pictures guys. Wish I were there with you, but we will hook up soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the dining out, I do!!!

    Right now I am in south central Oklahoma visiting with my daughter and her family. It is a great time for me but I am still looking forward to getting back to my first love, Colorado!!!

  5. Beautiful photo of you and Jim! We met and had fun with two bloggers we've been following--maybe we'll get to meet you someday :-) Take care...


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