Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Boy have we run the gambit of weather.  One day it is beautiful, sunny and we run the a/c.  Next three days it’s overcast or raining with 20 MPH winds and I have to bundle up. 


It rained hard enough for me to break out the rain boots Linda and I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond in Yuma.  They are pretty slick.  Here I am all dolled up in my rain gear.


And here is a better look at my boots.  I got a lot of fun comments from the truck drivers about them. Hay, if you are going to be in mud you might as well be stylish!


Oh, my nightly meals sure have been tasty.  Here’s a photo of Juan and his assistant, Josh, bringing me my “dinner” as they left last night.



Here’s a photo of one of their meals. That’s the pork loin wrapped in bacon with broccoli with cheese sauce and roasted potatoes.  Yummy!

Tonight Josh said he brought fried chicken with mashed potatoes.  I sure hope he has some left over for me.

This afternoon Jim was working the gate and one of the trucks stopped and asked Jim if he was hungry and when he said he was the driver reached in the back seat and handed him a pizza box.  When Jim offered to give him some money the driver said “No, I had 40 pizzas in the back seat and the guys can get along with 39”.  The various companies who work on the rigs are very generous with us.

One of the land owners again brought us New York strip steaks yesterday along with two pounds of homemade sausage.  We had one today and the steak was so tender and flavorful…we are blessed. At this rate I can put off going grocery shopping for another week.

They finished fracking well #3 and tonight are dismantling it and moving the rigging over to #4 and they will start fracking it tomorrow.  So tonight it is pretty quiet because I don’t have all the sand trucks in and out.  The sand is mixed with water and some chemicals to do the fracking.

Usually there is something to watch on TV up till midnight.  I record some of the daytime TV shows and watch them after midnight. They usually last me till 4 a.m. when the early network news shows come on.

So I’m off to watch Jimmy Fallon…see you later.

Remember, you are loved!


  1. Most of those oilies, as I call them, are the most wonderful people. Not like the media portrays them at all. My son works in the oil industry and when my wife (his mother) passed away they were so caring and generous with their time and money and more. I just love them so much and pray that God will bless them.

  2. butterbean carpenterMarch 5, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    Howdy B&J,
    Boy howdy, you are a grand looking lady all dolled up in your slicker suit and fancy boots..
    Yeah, they look like Yuma!!! WHY WOULD Y'ALL LEAVE A HIGH-PAYING JOB FOR A low-paying one, just because it gets to 110* in the summertime & you know you are always cold!!! I know.. Y'all 'LOVE' Colorado!! Remember, y'all are thought about every day!!


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