Sunday, February 5, 2012

Waiting for a gate

We are still in the Gate Guard Services (GGS) yard waiting for a gate to work.  Thought I’d share a few photos with you.

Behind our rig left with lots of cacti
To the right of the rig

We see a small herd of cows every couple of days mossing around the cacti along with quite a few feral cats.


This is the trash wagon. There will be one by the oil rig area where we will be able to put our trash.

Here are the “hook ups” for gate guards.  The first is of the big generator, water tank and diesel fuel tank for the generator.


And this is the septic system. I don’t understand how it works; some sort of filtration.


These two trailers will be parked one on either side of our RV and will stay there until we leave the gate.  Periodically the service guys will come by and refill the water and diesel as needed.

So we sit and wait. It seems to be first in, first out depending on the time we have to spend here and the needs of the land owner/oil company.  So we should be next with the Mossmans. (Should that be “we and the Mossmans”? or “us and the Mossmans? Someone please “comment” and tell me how to say that correctly).    We’ll toss a coin to see who goes out first.

We sit under a very large Texas flag waiting in the GGS yard. Jim says the flag is about 24’ x 60’, and can be seen 3-4 miles away. Pretty ominous.


Remember, you are loved.


  1. Well lady, we are hoping to be doing that next winter and possibly for a few years, time to refill the "kitty". Hope the wait is not much longer, does seem that there alot of people out there doing this. Keep all of us posted! Remember that you too are Loved!!!!

  2. Hey Bobbie & you have any idea if you have to be real skimpy with your use of water for showers (like when you typically boondock) or do they bring more on a regular basis? Enquiring minds want to know..Hope you get assignment soon as we'd like to see your set-up before we finish here in Schertz. Love you guys!

  3. Hope you get a gate soon. I have been reading all about gate guarding and it sounds interesting. You definitely will have to share your experiance and let us know if you like it over Amazon. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  4. Linda, you don't have to skimp or conserve water in any way. That is a 500 gallon fresh water tank and they come and refill it any time you call them-usually when it is half full. Many/most of the gate guards we've spoken to have washer/drier on board so they don't have to go to town just to do laundry. You keep the generator on 23 hours a day - they ask you shut it down one hour a day.

  5. Nancy as wondering about the laundry since we got the washer. Is the generator loud preventing good sleep? We'll send in our package tomorrow or monday. If you see the Monroes which are heading up wednesday say Hi for us


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