Saturday, February 18, 2012

Asking you a favor


My sister, Evi, moved with her husband, Macho, to Costa Rica some 12 years ago.  Her social security goes further there than in Florida.

Evi is an accomplished artist.  Here are a couple of her watercolors.



So here is my favor.  Macho’s birthday is February 23rd and he has been pretty down because his Costa Rica family won’t remember his birthday or celebrate it with him.  My sister wants to cheer him up and asked if I could get some of my friends to send him a cheery birthday greeting via her email account that she can show him.  So here is Evi’s email address and I’d really appreciate it if you’d send her an email with your greeting for Macho.  Evi will go to a internet cafe near her home in San Ramon and get the greetings.  Please don’t send e-cards as they take too long to download with the limited internet service in Costa Rica and Evi has to pay to use the internet in the cafe.


You might mention you are a friends of ours and maybe tell them were you are located so they can see how far this lifestyle brings people. 

Thank you, dear friends, I really appreciate your doing this for me.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Birthday wishes sent. Hope they let you know how many folks did this, it would be interesting.

    Pam Ridgely

  2. Done, friend. I hope Evi's mailbox is jammed. :)

  3. I hear from Evi often, so not a problem.

  4. taken care of dear one ! hugs to you both !


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