Sunday, March 11, 2012

Really Big Truck

They are laying pipeline along the adjoining property.

CIMG9612 CIMG9613

These require the use of large trenching machine.  Those machines are transported on huge flatbed semi-trailers. The flatbed driver needed a place to turn around to be facing the correct way and asked if he could come through our gate and turn around. Jim said sure if it was driven by a supervisor, because the flatbed was 110 feet long and needed to negotiate some tight corners.

So here it is in close up….biggest truck I’ve ever seen.


Here are some photos of him going through the gate.

CIMG9635 CIMG9638
CIMG9639 CIMG9643

Here’s the supervisor … boy did he do a fine job!


He actually brought two separate flatbed semi-trailers through the gates to turn around.  Good day’s work.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Wish my grandson had been there to see your really big truck. Sebastian has just developed a a huge interest in trucks.

  2. That is crazy!! Never seen a truck that long before! That must have been kind of fun to watch.


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