Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bad Storm

We get local channels with our Dish satellite TV and knew to expect bad thunderstorms Tuesday morning, so we put away our outside chairs and barbecue grill in preparation.  I sent Linda Mossman and Rita Scarbrough a text to turn on their weather radios to be aware of what was coming next. 

Tuesday morning at 3 a.m. the wind started blowing hard with gusts of 45 MPHIt then began to rain hard, then the hail fell and then the thunder and lightning.  It was quite a storm with a lot of thunder booms scaring the dogs.  Jim woke up and sat with me; the dogs burrowed beside us and hide their heads. We watched the storm through our large back window and sipped coffee. The light tower swayed quite a bit in the wind and I was worried it would topple over, but it didn’t.  After about an hour the worst of it passed and we were left with just the wind.  I continued to text Linda and Rita (we all work nights) to make sure they were OK.

The next day we watched the local news and saw all the damage in the surrounding towns.  Even CBS Nightly News talked about the storm and the damage in nearby Devine.  Check out the story in online newspaper about a gate guard whose travel trailer was “picked up” and tossed about 10 feet across the street.  Yes, he worked for Gate Guard Services.  He is OK, but this RV was destroyed.

It was a horrendous night, but we got through it alright…thank you Lord.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. I'm so glad that you came through that okay! That must have been quite a night. Did any trucks come through during all this turmoil?

  2. That certainly was an interesting storm event! We were up too!

  3. Wow! Stay safe your last few days down there!!

  4. I was thinking about you when I heard about bad storms in Texas. Glad you're OK.

  5. It can be very scary riding out a storm in your RV. This lifestyle does make you a lot more aware of weather and more vulnerable. We are grateful that you are ok.

  6. Bobbie - Thanks for the link. That's so sad. I'm glad the gentleman is OK. From the looks of the photo, it's amazing. Glad, too, that you're fine. Storms like this one are pretty scary in an RV a long way from nowhere.
    Take care down there!


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