Friday, March 23, 2012

Pepe Boudreaux Restaurant

Two of the property owners and their wives took Jim and I out to dinner last night….except Jim couldn’t go because someone always has to be on the gate. But they bought him a wonderful Gulf shrimp dinner complete with a piece of the best carrot cake I ever ate!


We went to Pepe Boudreaux’s in Three Rivers on west Hwy 72.  It is a Tex-Mex-Cajun restaurant that also serves pizza!  Kind of all encompassing.  LOL  They have a lot of Cajun dishes like Crawfish Ettouffee, Shrimp Po'boys, Boudin and Gumbo, but they also have steaks and burgers. Great place. 

But they serve the best Gulf shrimp imaginable.  The coating is so light and tender….yummo.  But I had the flounder that was lightly coated with Italian seasonings in the flour and cooked on the flat top.  They also have an interesting butter, lemon, basil sauce with tomatoes and mushrooms on top with sauté fresh zucchini and broccoli. It was so delicate and flavorful.

Here’s photos of the two meals we had.

This is the small order of shrimp
Here is my wonderful flounder.

Here is our dinner party with Shirley, Tim, Tom (yes, they are twins), then Sue and I. We had such a good time together and were so sorry Jim couldn’t come with us.


Jim and I enjoyed our meals so much we plan on eating there again when we return from Port Aransas when we are going to stop and visit the Mossmans and Scarbroughs before heading to Colorado.



  1. Looks like you are eating good. Hope your travel to Colorado goes well. There are several guard ladies getting together today to eat in Kenedy at Barth's. Have to get out now and then.

  2. Such an awesome place! Terry and I do take out from there regularly as it's only a couple of miles from our gate.

    Their burgers are incredible! Terry gets the blackened fish sandwich quite a bit, and the ettouffe and crawfish/shrimp po' boy is to die for as well!

  3. John and I LOVE this place. The blackened fish sandwich and crawfish ettouffee are the best!


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