Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Glad We Bought This!

When we came out to this gate (our first) our Gate Guard Services maintenance man suggested we buy a portable surge protector.  This was in case the 15,000 watt generator “threw” a belt and send a electrical surge to our rig.  We had talked of getting one before but we don’t spend much time with hookups so we rationalized that we didn’t need to spend the $400.  But we went ahead and bought this one from and boy are we glad we did!

Progressive Industries 50 Amp Portable Electrical Management System

Progressive Industries 50 Amp Portable Electrical Management System, EMS-PT50C





Last Sunday Jim and I were sitting outside “guarding our gate” when all of a sudden it got very, very quiet.  The generator had stopped.  Sure enough, Jim found that the generator had “thrown” a belt, but the surge protector had protected our rig and we didn’t suffer any damage.

We called our company contact and Jamie came out and replaced the belt and we were back in business within an hour.

Sure glad we bought that surge protector because I’d hate to think how much it would have cost us to repair the damage and/or appliances.

So……how many of my RV buds out there have a surge protector for your electrical hookup???????  If you don’t I highly recommend that you look into it.  Like Nick Russell once wrote in a blog post, it only takes one time to do all the damage.

I just downloaded and installed a plug-in for Windows Live Writer that automatically generates tags for your blog posts.  I like it…pretty cool!!

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Bobbie, we have had the exact same model you have since 2004. We always use it, and it was particularly valuable in Mexico. We use Elks parking a lot, and their electrical systems are sometimes a little flakey. This surge protector will shut off power to your rig in low or high voltage situations so, when too many folks fire up the coffee makers and electric heaters in the morning in a park with iffy power, you will lose your power as the voltage drops. We just leave our inverter on, so it can take over when the box shuts you down. Great for peace of mind.

    However, we have gone through 5 or 6 of these boxes in the years we have had them!! Seems like they had a problem with quality control for awhile. On the plus side, they have always been repaired/replaced under warranty, even when the warranty period was over. Our current one has been stable for a couple of years.

  2. P.S.: I can't read the blue print on your burgundy background. Am I colorblind, or do other readers have this problem, too? :)

  3. A very fortuitous purchase! Thanks for the recommendation.


  4. Yep! We got one, but we were lucky and had it given to us by my parents after they got off the road, so we didn't have to fork over the $$$ for it. Still glad we have it though!

  5. We have one of those. It has saved our bacon many, many times.

  6. Thanks for post on coach surge suppressor. We installed a surge guard several years ago and fortunately no potential catastrophes like yours but several power drops with a/c on, and the 2 minute delay really protected those ac units. Happy trails. Tom and nancy

  7. We have never plugged our rig in without a surge protector. . .we just consider it $350 worth of insurance. . .and it has shut us down a few times, for which we are thankful!

    Thanks for the tip on the WLR plug in. . .I'm downloading it now. . .



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