Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cataract Surgery

Last week I had my cataracts checked by my ophthalmologist and both eyes will need surgery.  My doctor explained the choice I had of either a standard lens replacement that would require me to continue to wear glasses because of my astigmatism (and what Medicare will pay for)  OR  I could go with a premium lens replacement (called ACRYSof Toric) that costs $900 per lens and NOT have to wear glasses ever again.

I put up a post on my Facebook page asking for comments on which lens to get.  I got a lot of responses and after phone calls from a couple of respondents I decided to go with the toric lenses….biggest reason being in the long run I would save money not having to buy a new pair of glasses every year or two.

So tomorrow I go to have my eye precisely measured and am scheduled for cataract surgery July 1st.  I understand they usually use a very small incision so I should be able to see better pretty quickly. 

I’ll keep you informed on how I do….oh, yes, prayers would be appreciated.

Remember, you are loved.

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