Saturday, June 28, 2014

Big Meadows Again

Pulled into Big Meadows yesterday, fulfilling our reservation for the July 4th holiday.  The Abeytas will be here this afternoon and The Berganns will bring their rig up next week….hopefully there will be a spot opened for them.

Here is the view from Site #10.  The evening was very pleasant and we had a campfire…forgot to take a picture.  Hopefully the nice weather will last as we only have a quiet breeze going on now so it will be nice sitting outside.


This morning I “broke down” as I call it all my veggies steaming the broccoli, sautéing the mushrooms, cut up the fresh pineapple, shucked the corn on the cob and defrosted, skinned and cut up the last of our green chiles.  So I am ready for the week as I have blood oranges, fresh blueberries, a couple of mangoes, some local butter leaf lettuce and a cabbage….yup I’m all set.

More photos tomorrow….remember, you are loved.

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