Friday, August 9, 2013


That is all I have been doing the last 6 weeks.  First we had to open Brainard Lake Recreation Area.  We revised forms to streamline the process. Had to buy a new computer, printer and software. We had to evaluate, test and order  radios for communication throughout the area. Then we trained new area managers for a couple of weeks.

Last week we moved to Arapaho National Recreation Area in Granby, Colorado, and are training new area managers for this area.  We really like this area because of the beautiful scenery.  We are close to Grand Lake, Trail Ridge Road and Rocky Mountain National Park…beautiful area.

Plus one of the camphost had to leave for health reasons and we hired a new camphost from a current camper who was staying in the campground….lucky.  So I will be training that couple next week.

But I like training and I do a good job of it, if I must say so myself.  So more training for me next couple of weeks.

There is a couple of Forest Service cabins here at Stillwater Campground and one is used as an office.  I take Poncho with me to the “office” and he sleeps under the desk by my feet…he likes to stay close by.  I usually stay in the office doing paperwork and answering phones from 8 to 4.  We get a lot of phone calls especially on Fridays and Saturdays with people asking if there are openings for the weekend….we usually do have some sites available in this 129 site campground, but most are reserved for weekends.

We will stay the rest of the season here in Granby, visiting the other districts we are responsible for during the rest of the summer.

You are loved.
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  1. When are you coming to Texas to gateguard? We are only a 1 1/2 mile from 37# and the gateguard holding it would be a good time to get together, we are not doing a round the clock gate, it closes at dark, and we are planning on being here till after Thanksgiving,,,,just FYI....and you are loved ms bobbie,,,,,carolyn trout

  2. Sounds like a great "job". Nothing like being surrounded by beautiful scenery working or otherwise. What a lucky break for the new couple. Would love to see some pictures of the area.


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