Saturday, August 3, 2013

Good-Bye Party

Last Sunday before we left the Brainard Lake area, the staff gave us a “good-bye” party.  Anna simmered brats in beer and then Thom put them on the grill to crisp them up….they even got me a piece of salmon to eat.  The sides carried on the German theme with sweet red cabbage, German style potato salad to go along with a wonderful pot of beans.






Here’s Thom with his plate of food, mugging for the camera






and a picture of Betty’s yummy angel food cake with pistachio pudding and pineapple, Anna’s delish Blueberry Buckle (European cobbler) and weeee bit of Marty’s tasty date crisp.




Even Basil (Thom and Anna’s dog) gets Betty to wipe off his face after a snack from Thom.


We all gathered around the fire pit.

DSCN0104          DSCN0109

And we even took a group photo to remember us all.  Thanks, Monica, for taking this photo.


Remember, you are loved.
Read the story behind this saying HERE



  1. How nice to have a goodbye party. I imagine you've formed "for life" friendships. Will you be going back next year?


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