Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trip to Creede

We took the Mossman’s to Creede to show off one of our favorite places in the world.  My Jim would live in Creede if we could tolerate the cold…which we won’t.  My Jim’s Great-grandfather owned a mule train in Creede that moved the ore from the mines high up in the mountains and brought it down to Creede.

Most of the buildings in town are over 100 years old.  Businesses come and go year to year, but the buildings still stand.  The architect is beautiful.

Creede July 2011 (2)
OMI with our fav pizza
Creede July 2011 (3)
Creede Olive Oil Company
Creede July 2011 (11)
Creede Hotel
Creede July 2011 (23)
Picturesque downtown
Creede July 2011 (22)
Local Elks Club. Note corner window where members yell at folks walking by.
Creede July 2011 (24)
Ornate tin work on outside


We stopped by the museum - it has some pretty interesting displays.

Creede July 2011 (13)
Creede Museum
Creede July 2011 (14)
Jim M. in an old jail cell
Creede July 2011 (19)
Old hand-pumped fire wagon
Creede July 2011 (20)
Old horse-drawn hearse
Creede July 2011 (21)
Old wedding dress. Ity-bity waistline!!!
Creede July 2011 (15)
Old, old bar from a Creede salon. Check out the reclining nude pictures.
Creede July 2011 (16)
Piano played by Chester Brubacker at Creede Hotel with painting of Chester on the wall.
Creede July 2011 (17)
Love this story. Chester’s “music” was a Sears catalog…happy music was from the bra page and sadder songs came from the corset page!! Hysterical!!!!!!

Of course Linda and I had to check out all the shops in town from the Creede Olive Oil Company to Holy Moses Gift Shop.  The guys tagged along behind us as we moved from one shop to the next…here is their posture in waiting!  But they were patient…..

Creede July 2011 (9)

             Creede July 2011 (12)

All over town there were beautiful displays of flowers. Hanging baskets galore, shadow baskets under window sills and some neat displays.

Creede July 2011 (6) Creede July 2011 (8)
Creede July 2011 (10) Creede July 2011 (5)

That was our day, finishing with lunch at OMI….yes, it was pizza!

Remember, you are loved!!!


  1. Makes me want to visit Creede. Will have to put it on our bucket list. Norah

  2. Looks like an EXCELLENT day, Bobbie!

  3. I haven't tried the pizza at OMI. I guess it will have to be one of the things I do before I head back to the midwest.

  4. Very interesting post. Glad you had such a good time.


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