Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pleasant Sunday

I did my daily two hour’s worth of paperwork this morning, getting yesterday’s campers’ fees posted and caught up on the expense report.

Then it was “swish-swish” the toilets and got done with that about 11 a.m.  Jim “treated” the wells with chlorine in preparation to taking our monthly samples later on in the day.  That was another two hours of driving to each of the campgrounds to take samples.

I made some clam chowder for lunch and boy did it come out good!  Jim grilled a pork loin roast for dinner that we shared with the Mossman’s.

Being Sunday, Jim M. made me a Bloody Mary….his treat for me every Sunday at “happy hour” at 4 p.m.  Thank you, Jim…..I love Sundays!

We finished up the day/night playing Sequence over at the Mossman’s.  The ladies really creamed the guys tonight!!!

Remember, you are loved.

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