Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anniversary 2011

Today is our 30th anniversary!!!!!  Yippee, hurrah, yada-yada.  We went out to dinner with the Mossman’s to the Blue Creek Lodge.  The food wasn’t all that good, except Jim said his chicken friend steak was very good.  The highlight of the dinner was the Amish baked pies we had for dessert….yummo!!!

Here is a picture Linda took of us in front of the restaurant.

Anniversary 2011 (2)

Yes, for those of you who might have noticed, that is the same blouse I worn last year and the year before on our anniversary…what can I say, I really like this blouse!!!!  Kathy Jo, do you recognize it?  It’s the one you bought me many, many years ago in Denver when I came up to visit.  I think it is the only blouse I have from before we went on the road back in 2007. 

Here’s our 2009 anniversary photo….gad zooks, Jim is even wearing the same shirt!!! We need new clothes!

Anniversary Photo (2)

We talked and decided we’ll try for another 30 years together!

When Jim and I got married he had custody of his two daughters, Beth who was 7 years old and Christine who was 12 years old.  I knew it would be a slow process to get the girls to accept me, so I decided to put a little fun into our lives as we all got to know each other better.

This usually centered around dinner.  Poor Jim, he never knew WHAT to expect when he got home from work (he’s not real sure even now). One night I had the table settings on the floor under the dining room table and we all had to sit on the floor and eat with the table over our heads.  Another night I turned the table upside down and we ate on the bottom of the table.  We also had backwards night where we ate dessert first, then the main meal and finished up with salad.  Of course, we had finger night when we all ate our dinner with only our fingers….this is the night I made sure to fix meatloaf with mashed potatoes, gravy and peas! Or another finger night was spaghetti and meatballs.  Add to that ‘left hand’ night when you had to sit on your right hand and eat only with your left hand. And it went on and on like that for the first few months.

Needless to say, I was the talk of the neighborhood and every morning the talk was all about what crazy thing did Bobbie do for dinner last night?  All this wackiness had the desire affect on the girls as they thought all these ideas were great fun and they rushed home from school every day to see what I had planned.  I was the cool mom on the block!  Nobody else’s mom acted like that!

Thirty years later Christine is a single mother of three grown children and a grandmother herself living in Santa Fe. 

Christine Aug 2011

Beth is single, also working in Santa Fe…in fact, she and her boyfriend, Tom, spent last week with us during her vacation. 






It’s been a crazy, weird, and fun trip the last thirty years with these three wonderful individuals.  We’ve all grown, changed and matured together.  We are all extremely close and I am happy to say, our daughters like us and choose to be around us and visit.  We relate to each other as adults now and Jim and I are very careful not to give advice or “make suggestions”.  We accept our daughters as they are and enjoy who they have become.

As for Jim and I ….. Jim is my rock, my stability, my anchor, my calm.  When I go to him and he wraps those big arms around me, I know I am safe…..I’m protected….I’m content…..all is well.  As for him, he still thinks I’m weird!  I’m his comic relief! I provide him a time to be a little crazy and off-beat and the chance to try some things out of the ordinary.  He’s the tortoise and I’m the hare, his mom use to tell me.  He walks slowly and carefully into the world and I just go, head long rushing into life. I guess we make a good pair…..opposites attract they say.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you have many more together.

    Love the bright-colored blouse...keep on wearing it...the world needs some brightness & cheer.

  2. Beautifully said my friend - Happy Anniversary and many many more to come.

  3. Hey Bobbie and Jim!

    My first post here. I'm collecting workamping resources for my website and managed to find the book you mentioned in your "wanabes" post. It seems you have a lot of experience workamping. Can you share your most interesting workamping post with me?

  4. Hey Bobbie & Jim, This is Kathy Jo & Andy. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! You didn't say that the reason I bought YOU a blouse was because you & Jim bought me SEVERAL books, stoles, etc. thru the years, not to mention dinners out. We got that blouse @ Flatirons Mall near Boulder. That night you & I ate @ Joe's Crab Shack and the waiter carded I kissed him, remember? HAVE A WONDERFUL ANNIVERSARY and the next 30 years!


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