Monday, June 15, 2015

South Fork Campground

As is our tradition, we spent the first few days in the mountains at South Fork Campground with our buddies, Rich and Terri Deacon, the managers here.


Our friends, Teddy and Birdie, came up from Espanola and were camping at Big Meadows.  They came over to visit and showed us the huge trout they caught at Road Canyon…a couple were 13 inch plus.  They offered us some for dinner….didn’t have to ask me twice!  We had Rich and Terri over and I made potato salad and cole slaw to fill out the meal.


Saturday Heinz and Angela drove up for a visit and dinner and soon here came Teddy and Birdie…so the Notorious Eight had assembled.


Jim discovered a pinhole leak in the ice maker hose, so he bought an ice maker instillation kit to trade it out.  So when the Notorious Eight came together all the fellas had to gather to give advise on how to finish up the repairs.  It was so funny for us ladies to see all the guys peering in the foot square hole to see what needed to be done.

DSCN5907                  2015061395144630

Everybody brought steaks and a side dish to share (I ate leftover trout), but I forgot to take any photos.  Maybe it was because I used a fresh pineapple to make some daiquiris….and they were good!!! 


But I did get a shot of the wonderful peach and cherry cobbler Teddy made.  This type of cobbler is put 3 cans pie filling (or several cups of fresh/frozen fruit) in the Dutch over followed by a box of dry cake mix and then pour about 8 oz. of soda pop.  One of his best was cherry pie filling with chocolate cake mix and a can of Dr. Pepper.  And, yes, we topped it all with ice cream.

We’ll stay here another night and leave Tuesday for Park Creek if we can get one of the bigger sites.  If not we’ll go to Highway Springs.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. YUM! Yum! So glad to hear they enjoyed Road Canyon fishing!!! Missing you all and the cool weather! Blessings

  2. OK now - I am heading your way due to those foodie pics! Well, not really but sure hope to get out in "Jazzy" next summer for a couple of weeks or so in Colorado. South Fork is a gorgeous area.

    1. We'll be back to Arizona come October. Hope we get to meet.

    2. We'll be back to Arizona come October. Hope we get to meet.

    3. We'll be back to Arizona come October. Hope we get to meet.

  3. Hi Guys,
    We had a great time while you were here. See ya soon.

    Rich & Terri


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