Friday, June 12, 2015

Lucky LaRue

Last Sunday was the last day of the Summerfest on the Rio, which we old timers still call Sunshine Festival even after it was renamed.

Closing out the festivities was a band called Lucky LaRue (nobody remembers why) that is made up of our previous next door neighbor from our “stick and brick” days, his son, and others.  We remember hearing them practice on weekends in their garage and Jim and I would take lawn chairs and sit on their lawn and enjoy listening.  They haven’t played together for ten years….so this was a reunion of sorts.

DSCN5892 DSCN5896 DSCN5898

They had a good crowd, some sitting on the hay bales while others opted to bring their lawn chairs for a little more comfort.  After a ten year absence it was so good to hear them play together again.  It was good to hear their old songs being played again….good memories of parties in the past with good neighbors.


Remember, you are loved.

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