Sunday, November 23, 2014

Latest Activities in Mesa

One of my personal mottos or mantras is “people are more important than things”. So our rig is a little dusty and the laundry piled up a bit, but we’ve been having a great time with friends and making memories for a lifetime.  Going out to lunch with friends or meeting folks for happy hour is more important than polishing the cabinets or writing a blog post.  So be it.

We met Angela and Kenny at Waldo’s BBQ for lunch one day. 

DSCN4723         DSCN4725


It’s a quirky place with “interesting” d├ęcor. 




This pretty piece is anchored to the ceiling.




Wow, it certainly lived up the Yelp rating. The other three had the brisket or pulled pork sandwiches, but I got the super sampler platter with ribs, brisket, pulled beef and pulled pork (yes, I took most of it home).

DSCN4729 DSCN4731


Here at Mesa Regal they have a monthly manager’s happy hour where the beer flows for 25 cents a glass.  Boy does that bring out the troops.

DSCN4733          DSCN4735

We also revisited the Hall of Flame Fire Museum in Phoenix.  We originally went there, I think, in December 2007.  I’ve just spent the last hour going through past blog posts trying to find out when we went there originally and I can’t find anything.  I know we went there but can’t find out when….another good reason to write down your activities in an actual calendar so you can go back and check out things….I do that now.

This is a wonderful fire museum.  One of the top in the country…another great one is Oklahoma Firefighters Museum in Oklahoma City.

Early pumper
Ornate very early rig
Collection of helmets and fire trumpets
Fancy-dancy fire truck still used in parades today
Early ladder truck
Some of the 30+ panels of fire badges from all over the world
Fire dispatching center of old. There is a speaker broadcasting live radio traffic from the Phoenix Fire Department.
This switchboard was used from 1927 to early 1970s…imagine
Many rigs were ornate for show

Jim found the badge from Alamosa Fire Department on one of the many panels.

DSCN4751 DSCN4752

We’ve enjoyed several happy hours with neighbors.  Finally having a social life and meeting folks just when we are about to leave….dang!!!

I’ll finish up with our activities tomorrow.  But till then, remember you are loved.


  1. We have had some good times since we met you guys and hate to see you leave. We will have one more lunch Friday before you leave. One thing for sure we WILL meet up again down the road.

  2. Well I spent a good amount of time trying to find the date we last went to the Hall of Flame. After talking to Linda Mossman I check HER blog and found it quickly. The date was March 2010 after attending the Gypsy Journal Rally in Yuma. So here is the blog I wrote up with a lot more photos than I took this time.

  3. have been busy! I love to boar with the sign...I think that is one of Nick Russell's favorite words, "Sniveling" Seems like he does it every time he has to go over a bridge of course that is with Miss Terry driving. Not much longer dear friend! Not much longer...

  4. P.S. You are looking mighty fine Bobbie!


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