Saturday, November 1, 2014

Busy at Mesa

the last week or so.  We went to American Furniture Warehouse in Gilbert to look at furniture choices….you know, just in case we DO get a condo.  This place is huge!  The showroom is 188,000 sq. ft. and their warehouse is 450,000 sq. ft.  When you walk in the door this is what you see…..


We like these dining tables but can’t decide whether to go with the high table and chairs or the more conventional low table.

DSCN4569 DSCN4570 DSCN4572

We got next door neighbors, Bill and Elaine who are from Canada. They got to telling us about going out scorpion hunting at night using a black light.  Seems the scorpions glow green under a black light hiding in the brick borders…who knew?

DSCN4567           DSCN4566

I again attended the knitting/crochet group on Tuesday

DSCN4544          DSCN4549

We went to breakfast at Little Mesa CafĂ© where our new friend Angela is working.  Cute place used mostly by locals and everything is made from scratch; good home cooked food.

DSCN4556 DSCN4559
Kind of kitschy inside with home-spun charm
Here’s my eggs benedict
and Jim’s Country Breakfast with the best pancakes ever

Wednesday we joined Kenny and Angela at Val Vista, where they are staying, to attend the grand reopening of their remodeled patio area.


They had free Champaign and all the beer and wine you could drink, along with brats to eat.  It was an adult chugalug party!!! 

    DSCN4577       DSCN4586

Being free booze and food there were hundreds of people attending.  The dance floor was constantly full.


Edie and Lee were working the bar and patio area and we got to sit with their daughter, Ashley, who was visiting from Virginia.

DSCN4582          DSCN4583

We stayed about two hours before I think my senses were floating away….never drank so many beers, but it was hot, hot, hot and it made me thirsty.  That’s my excuse….you’re suppose to drink six to eight glasses a day right?  What?  Of water?   Really?  Oh well, it was six to eight glasses of liquid anyways.

Yesterday we took a second look at two condos in Sun City.  We put a offer on one but it needs a total remodel of the kitchen and bathroom, but Jim wants to do it to make it like we want it. We priced it accordingly.  The layout is a bit quirky with lots of angles, but that’s what we like about it. Say a prayer.

It continues to be very, very warm here with days in the 90s.  We have taken to going swimming late afternoon and then coming home for dinner.  The pool is only about 50 feet away from our site, so that makes it easy.  I continue to walk and may go to water aerobics that is held daily….we’ll see.

Well that’s been our week.  Expecting two sets of friends to be in the park this coming week, so that will be fun.

Remember, you are loved.

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