Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Didn't do too much yesterday. Tried to make a movie of photos for this blog and that didn't work-twice. Drove to where Jim will be taking his class and made sure he was enrolled, etc.

Took a look at new recliners for the rig at American Furniture Warehouse. Found some nice ones for $199, but we'll wait and see.
Then we drove to downtown Pueblo to see what has changed in the year or so since we've been here. There are more buildings, some old timers out of business. Tried to visit a yarn shop but they were closed on Mondays; I'll try again as peering through the windows it looks cute inside with lots of knit samples. I did go to the Pueblo Public Library and took out a couple Maggie Sefton Knitting Mystery series books. They are light and fun.

Weather is pleasant and heavenly warm. After our snacks last night it was green chile cheeseburgers for dinner with the last of the chocolate cake. Watched Dancing with the Stars and early to bed.

We both woke up at 4 am this morning. Jim left in the truck at 7:30 am for his class. I turned off the tv and am enjoying the blissful silence, ah-h-h! Puppies and I will spend the day reading and knitting at intervals till Jim comes home. Not a very exciting day or exciting blog....just everyday life today.

Blogs are more interesting with photos so here are some of the pups I took today. Chorizo especially likes to lay in the sun.

Now the Chorizo fans will be happy with new pics! Remember, you are all loved!

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  1. On our way to MN. The Rally was great fun. Oh Chorizo you are so handsome.


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