Wednesday, September 9, 2015

This Blog is Dead

As you can see I have not been updating this blog for a long time… it is time to close it down. 

I started this blog shortly after we went on the road as fulltime RVers in 2007.  It was a way to make a record for us of our travels and activities….and photos of many meals.  We were very pleased to find many others liked to read our blog.

However, now that we have slowed down our travels, bought a condo in Sun City where we will spend our winters and summer in south-central Colorado, there doesn’t seem much to blog about.

To be honest, it takes a lot of time to put up a blog post.  For me it took a good two hours each time uploading the photos, editing them, placing them in a table or tilting the photos and then writing copy. 

I’m getting older and want to spend my time reading, knitting, socializing, volunteering and taking naps.  Pretty boring stuff to blog about.  Plus most of our friends are on Facebook and blogs don’t seem to be “the thing” any more.

So, dear friends, thank you ALL for your attentiveness to this blog….I’m glad you have enjoyed it….time to move on. 

I’m on Facebook under Bobbie Chapman, Bobbie 2015 so if you choose, you can keep up with me on there. 

So long…..

Remember, oh please, do remember, you are loved!!!
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Saturday, August 1, 2015

July- lots of traveling

I’m getting out of the mood to blog frequently, so this will be a recap of our July activities.

Fourth of July was spent at Big Meadows National Forest Campground in South Fork, CO with buddies The Abeytas and the Berganns.



Teddy showed me how to make posole one night.




DSCN5936   DSCN5942

We did a lot of sitting around   





Teddy actually fried the jalapenos with the sausage for an hors d'oeuvres…he never does that cause the smell is kind of overpowering…I always tease him that his son, Tim, fries the jalapenos for me.

We had a great 4th of July dinner with Jim grilling the steaks.

DSCN5945 DSCN5943
This was yet another meal with bbq rubs
Rib dinner with BFF, Salai, and Paul and Delilah (former camphosts of ours) joining us for dinner.


While up at Big Meadows we saw on Facebook that our friends, Maryann and Bill Parham were driving from OK to South Fork Campground so we went over to see them one afternoon. Such a nice, nice couple and we had a good chat. Another Betty’s RV Park alum.

We returned to Alamosa on July 6th and then took off on July 8th at 3:30 A.M. for a fast trip to Rapid City, SD to renew our drivers’ licenses…have to do that every five years.  We drove straight through and got there about 4 p.m.


We had dinner at TGI Fridays with buddies Jean and John Watson, whom we met working for amazon in Campbellsville, Kentucky, back in 2010.  We’ve seen them several times since then on the road.

Next morning we got our licenses in like 15 minutes flat; a photo, check your eyes, $28 a piece and we were out of there for another five years.

I just couldn’t get myself to just turn around and take off for Alamosa right away, so we decided to stay another night.  Plus buddies Jan and Chuck and Betty and Duane were staying at the Hart Ranch so we drove over there and spent the day.  It sure is a nice park and we enjoyed walking around and seeing the layout.

Very nice office area
DSCN5953 DSCN5954

We’ve known Jan and Chuck for a long time and met Betty and Duane at Betty’s RV Park in 2013.  We laughed so hard telling about meeting Jan and Chuck at “Mosquito Ville”, which is what we called the Colorado Boomerang in 2008 outside of Buena Vista.  The mosquitoes were so, so bad we all sat inside three screened in canopies during happy hour talking to each other through the mesh screening.  After a couple of days we all decided to have our happy hours in town at the city park.  Great memories!!!


For dinner we went to Lintz Brothers Pizza….what a great place….very busy and they put out one heck of a good pizza.

DSCN5959 DSCN5961

We got to bed early and got up at 3:30 a.m. AGAIN and headed back to Alamosa.  Stopped at a couple non-descript places for breakfast and lunch and got home by 4 p.m….in time to pick Poncho up from the kennels.  He’s never been kenneled before and at 13 years old we weren’t sure how he’s do.  But he did fine, made a lot of friends and we were told he was very sweet and a darling to have around…..ahhhhh!!!

It took us a good 2-3 days to recover from that trip and we lazed around a lot and slept.

Monday I was back to the library cataloguing and processing a set of 39 World War II Time-Life books that had been donated.  Glad I was able to get it done in two days.


Next big adventure was spending Saturday, July 18th with my BFF, Salai, in Creede celebrating both our birthdays….hers is the 18th and mine the 19th. 

We’ve done this for 8 or 9 years now.  We usually shop and have lunch, but this year we joined members of the Alamosa Women’s Club and saw “Guys and Dolls” at the Creede Repertory Theatre.  Oh, that was such fun. Look at the cute sign on the front of the Creede Olive Oil Company. Yes, we bought some flavored balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

DSCN5963 DSCN5964

On the way home we stopped at Cottonwood Cove for huge scoops of ice cream.  Then when we got home we sure received a wonderful surprise…Jim had cooked us a crab leg dinner with all the fixins!!!  What a guy!!!  Here’s Salai and I eating wearing our new identical hats.


What a fun day….thank you, Salai, for sharing our birthdays together once again.

The following weekend is traditionally the Chapman Annual 4-Wheel Trip to Ouray.  I went this year, but I am tuckered out from typing the blog post, so I will leave that for another day.

Never fear….it won’t take me another month.

Remember, you are loved.